InTrans / Oct 11, 2023

PROSPER student wins best paper award

Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) Student Competition Committee Chair Ashley Campbell, left, poses with Araz Hasheminezhad, right, after he accepted the award for best student paper

Program for Sustainable Pavement Engineering & Research (PROSPER) graduate student Araz Hasheminezhad recently won the Student Paper Competition of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO).

The award-winning paper is entitled “Numerical Evaluation of Anti-Liquefaction Performance of Deep Soil Mixing Method under Embankment Dams.”

“I am truly humbled and honored with this prestigious prize by the ASDSO Awards Committee. I am very grateful to all my mentors for their support and guidance over the years,” said Hasheminezhad.

Hasheminezhad presented the paper as part of a poster-lightening talk at ASDSO’s annual conference Dam Safety 2023 in Palm Springs, California, last month and received recognition during the conference’s awards ceremony.

ASDSO’s Student Paper Competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students in the United States, and topics may include traditional areas of design engineering, structural and geotechnical analysis, hydrology, hydraulics, construction, risk management and hazard mitigation, emergency action planning, dam security, and policy.

Araz Hasheminezhad presents on his award winning paper at the Association of State Dam Safety Officials’ annual conference Dam Safety 2023

The winner each year receives a prize and travel stipend for the conference, as well as having the paper published in the annual conference proceedings. The paper is also being prepared for inclusion in the quarterly Journal of Dam Safety, which is delivered to all ASDSO members.

Hasheminezhad’s graduate student advisor PROSPER Director Halil Ceylan offered a “heartfelt congratulations” on the best paper award. Hasheminezhad is working on the research project TR-799: Base Stabilization of Iowa Granular Roads Using Recycled Plastics, funded by the Iowa Highway Research Board (IHRB) under Ceylan’s supervision.