This calendar provides an overview of activities for the Aurora pooled fund. This includes the annual schedule for meetings (virtual and in-person) and research project idea solicitation, review and selection. In addition to the calendar items listed below, research project kick-off and update meetings are held between researchers and Aurora project teams per project schedule. Aurora project teams also review quarterly progress reports for each active research project.

The monthly virtual and biannual in-person meetings allow the Aurora Board to stay connected, conduct Aurora business, engage with the public and private sector (including Friends of Aurora), discuss research needs and submitted ideas, track the status of existing research projects, ask questions of their peers and share information about their RWIS systems including: number of current RWIS, new sites planned, equipment news or issues, maintenance news or issues, power supply, software used, biggest challenges, new technologies, budget, staffing, etc.


  • Monthly virtual meeting
  • Discuss research needs
  • Monthly virtual meeting
  • Solicit research project ideas
  • Monthly virtual meeting
  • Deadline for research project ideas
  • Review, vote on and prioritize research project ideas
April - May
  • Spring in-person meeting
  • Request formal project proposals for selected ideas
  • Select research projects for funding
  • Monthly virtual meeting
  • Contract new research projects
  • Monthly virtual meeting
  • Monthly virtual meeting
  • Begin new research projects
September - October
  • Fall in-person meeting
  • Begin new projects
  • Monthly virtual meeting
  • Begin new projects
  • Monthly virtual meeting
  • Review scope for upcoming calendar year