Road Weather Management using Connected Vehicle Technology

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Federal Highway Administration Aurora Program Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF-5(435))

Principal Investigator
Frank Perry

Sr. Technical Principal Connected and Automated Vehicles

About the research

Road weather systems are used by state and local agencies to mitigate and manage the disruptive impact of weather events on roadways. Some of the fundamental aspects of road weather systems are the collection of weather-related data from environmental sensor stations and probe vehicles, the processing/distribution of data, and the determination of how/when/where to deploy road maintenance resources and/or to issue general traveler advisories and/or issue location specific warnings to drivers.

As momentum behind connected vehicle technology continues to build, practitioners are showing interest in determining how connected vehicle technology can be leveraged to support traffic management activities, including road weather systems. Specifically, the ability to communicate with connected vehicles opens up new opportunities for collecting data from many vehicles, and targeted dissemination of information to drivers. Thus, it will be important to ascertain the types of data that can be communicated in connected vehicle messages, as well as other intrinsic aspects of connected vehicle communications to understand how connected vehicles can enhance existing and open up opportunities for new road weather strategies.

Research will be undertaken as part of this project to review connected vehicle data standards, and to engage Aurora members to determine which road weather strategies are of greatest interest to practitioners. The project team will apply knowledge gained from members, as well as their background in engineering systems, to develop a Concept of Operations, which will provide a description of how connected vehicle communications and data may be employed to enhance the capabilities of road weather systems.